Cloud Backup Solutions

With ever increasing internet speeds and bandwidth, the cloud has transformed the backup industry with several advantages for small businesses looking for backup solutions:

  • Affordable: With a cloud solution capital expenditures on hardware are not needed.
  • Accessible: Data in the cloud means accessibility anywhere there is an internet location.
  • Reliable: Cloud backup solutions are offsite and redundant, protecting from data loss due to a fire or some other natural disaster at the client’s office.
  • Automatic: Simple interfaces enable easy management of automatic and continuous backups so data is always up to date.

Ventura Tech supports many cloud backup solutions.  Two of our favorites are Crashplan by Code 42 and Mozy by EMC.  Both offer competitive pricing, reliable service and great management interfaces.  Other important features offered by these solutions are:

  • Security: Data should be protected with high-level encryption both in transit and at data centers, the data centers should employ the highest security standards, and only clients should be able view decrypted data.
  • Compliance: Support for compliance requirements is critical in certain office environments.  Requirements are met via features like robust security architecture, client-side encryption and real-time reporting.
  • Testing: Data should be regularly checked to ensure files can be recovered from days to years after the original backup.

Ventura Tech always advises clients to keep a backup to mitigate the risk of unintentional loss of data. Cloud solutions like Crashplan and Mozy make backups easy for clients with affordable, accessible, reliable and automatic solutions.  

If you need assistance with a backup solution for your office, contact Ventura Tech today!