5 Key Ways Ventura Tech Helps Bay Area Businesses Maximize Productivity

1. Speed

If a client has an IT issue, they need it resolved ASAP.  Ventura Tech understands the importance of response time. Our engineers will provide fast knowledgeable support, either remotely or on-site.

2. Productivity

An employee dealing with IT issues hurts company productivity and directly affects the bottom line.  Ventura Tech minimizes downtime by proactively monitoring and maintaining equipment. With our 24x7 Worry-Free IT monitoring Agent, we’ll help keep your employees up and running on fast efficient computers!

3. Security

Viruses and spyware cause crashes and threaten your data.  Ventura Tech will protect your network and reduce this risk.  Recovering data from a hard-disk crash can cost more than $2000. A routine virus infection requires hours of clean up. Our monitoring Agent offers proactive data security for your entire network, for one monthly fee. Save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and protect your critical business data.

4. Communication

There is a perception that IT people can be difficult to communicate with.  We challenge this perception.  Clear communication is a key strength at Ventura Tech. Our engineers are technical, but they also have strong people skills and are able to communicate with clients in a professional, honest, friendly and clear manner even under challenging circumstances.

5. Savings

Our proven IT approach saved clients an average of 21% over the break/fix model of network support.  "Break/fix" IT companies wait for your computer network to break before they fix it – and they only make money when something breaks. With our affordable flat-rate network support, we only make money when things don't break. Therefore, we are motivated to find and fix things before they break by monitoring computer and server error logs 24x7.