Low Cost Video Conferencing Solutions

Traveling for meetings cost companies valuable time and resources.  Video conferencing minimizes the need for travel by having teams meet and coordinate online rather than spending money and time traveling to meet face to face.

Recent video conferencing technology advances, internet bandwidth improvements and price reductions have made video conferencing a viable alternative to face to face meetings.  Furthermore, cloud based video conferencing solutions perform great and can be run on a variety of platforms including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones so that attendees can have a quality experience regardless of location. 

The following table shows a basic comparison of some of the more popular cloud based options:

Most of these options offer similar features and have comparable performance, so key differentiators are pricing, user requirements and integration needs.  Pricing and user requirements are obvious considerations while integration may be more subtle. We suggest companies that already use Office 365, evaluate Skype for Business because of its integration with key applications like Outlook, which can be used to coordinate meetings.  The same can be said for Google Hangouts for companies that use G Suite (formerly Google Apps).  

At Ventura Tech we believe it makes sense for all companies to have a video conferencing solution in place.  Performance is great, costs are minimal and potential travel and time savings can be significant.  If you are a small business in the San Francisco area and need help identifying and setting up an appropriate video conferencing solution, Ventura Tech can help.  Contact us today!