Information Security

Information Security, also known as InfoSec, is a critical aspect of business IT.  It is the practice of preventing unauthorized access to company data, both electronic and physical.

The goal of InfoSec is to protect the CIA of information - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data.  This means ensuring data is not lost when there is an issue, whether it’s a natural disaster, hardware failure, physical theft, identity theft or a malicious cyber-attack.   Cyber-attacks can come in the form of viruses, worms, phishing attacks, trojan horses and ransomware.  The list of threats is long.

The are many ways to mitigate IT risks – password policies, 2 factor authentication, antivirus software, firewall, encryption software, and off-site backup systems to name a few.  In addition to technical solutions, one of the more effective precautions is ongoing employee security training.

Security measures must be balanced with productivity.  Things like requiring frequent password changes and 2 factor authentication reduce risks, but they also slow down the simple task of logging into a device.

The concept information security is important and evolving.  Today it covers all aspects of business, including network, desktop, application, database and mobile device security.  In addition, it involves business continuity planning to insure systems are in place to protect data if an issue occurs.

Ventura Tech can help businesses implement appropriate Information Security systems that minimize risks without reducing productivity.  Contact us today to insure your business is protected.