Ransomware Reminder

Attention all PC/Windows users,

This is a reminder that ransomware remains a major headache, with the latest version known as “Petya.”   Ventura Tech's nightly maintenance continues to push critical patches from Microsoft as they are released.  We request that our clients leave machines online overnight will ensure the latest patches are installed.  

As always, the best protection is prevention. Please refresh yourself with the below best practices.  If any suspicion of ransomware activity is present on a system please shut the machine down immediately and contact support.

  • Do NOT click on links or install anything you may come across containing “Cryptolocker”, “Cryptolocker.exe”, “WannaCry”, “Petya” etc….
  • Do NOT open any unknown attachments or click on any embedded email links, including emails seeming to be from USPS, FedEx, the IRS, Banks or any other unexpected email attachments/links.
  • Do NOT launch any attachments or files containing “.exe” or “.zip” extensions unless you are 110% of the source and the safety.
  • Do NOT use any BitTorrent type applications for open file sharing across the internet.
  • In general, only browse the internet to known sites and providers and avoid anything suspicious.
  • Always ensure mission critical data is backed-up.  If you are not familiar with your organization’s backup practice please contact support and we will clarify.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you!