Wireless Access Advantages and Challenges

Most Ventura Tech clients have installed a wireless network in the office for several reasons: 

  • Removes wires and clutter from desks
  • Allows employees to be mobile in the office, moving from desk to desk and meeting to meeting
  • Improves collaboration and responsiveness with better access to information regardless of location
  • Makes network expansion easier by not having to run more cables
  • Supports secure guest access, which is particularly useful for public facing businesses like retailers, restaurants and hotels

The technology has improved significantly in terms of bandwidth, reliability and security, and although there are many advantages, challenges remain.  Key upfront decisions about hardware, configuration,  and security are important to insure a reliable wireless network.  Ventura Tech is here to help.


Ventura Tech has worked with many access point solutions that span the gamut in terms of price and performance and can help with this decision.  One affordable yet reliable solution is Apple's AirPort which is suitable for small offices up to 10 people where just one access point is required.  For larger office spaces we have had good experience with Cisco’s Meraki line of access points, which are more expensive, but more reliable in environments where multiple access points are required.


Ventura Tech works with clients to collect environment details for a wireless setup including office layout, number of users, and connected equipment. Ventura Tech then uses software tools provided by hardware companies to determine recommended models, where to mount them and configuration settings.

* meraki.cisco.com

Network Management

The software tools also aid in network management.  In the case of Cisco Meraki, the support tool is cloud based allowing for remote deployment, monitoring and management.  Ventura Tech uses these tools to monitor wireless, switching and security infrastructure, observe network status and usage, reboot devices, and receive notifications for network outages.

* meraki.cisco.com


Wireless technology offers great advantages, but also opens the door to potential security issues.  Walls, ceilings or floors do not stop radio waves from wireless access points and therefore transmitted data can reach outside a building, providing anyone within range access.  Businesses need stringent security measures in place to insure both internal and client data are safe. Ventura Tech works with clients to configure the wireless network to make sure it is secure, encrypted and hidden.

If you are a small business in the San Francisco area and would like to benefit from the advantages of a wireless network, contact Ventura Tech today!